Bring Equality.
Start A Conversation.

We all deserve to be seen

Every creative deserves to reach their potential by being heard and seen. ChangEdwardS, LLC. aims to change the entertainment industry to become more accepting, nurturing, and hire with equal opportunity in mind. And we want you to be a part of it!

Our Clients. Diversity is important to ChangEdwardS, LLC. We cultivate winning strategies and deliver results that put creatives of all kinds in the fast lane. Some of our notable clients work with LinkedIn, Google, and Buzzfeed. Results guaranteed!
The Team. We don't use automatic rejection software or hire based on your resume or portfolio. We focus on cultivating creative and collaborative teamwork. This means helping you, and each other, to develop and evolve to become better job applicants when it’s time to move on. Unlike most corporations, we aren't here to find employees that will last. We’re here to help employees grow.


Got an audience, stage and speaking opportunity that's right for the  ChangEdwardS Team? Make the request and we'll make you look like a champion for bringing us on. We thrive as a team and can provide unique perspectives on the life of a creator.
Donations Support your fellow creatives! We grow faster when we help others. That’s why we’ve donated thousands of dollars to local creative communities and helped businesses obtain sponsorships from major brands such as Subway. We’ve also contributed time to mentor and teach about branding and social media. We believe in helping others for mutual benefit. Let's grow together.