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EDWARD CHANG overcame many obstacles before becoming a creative director. He faced isolation and bullying as a kid for having a learning disability; then, he became broke. Although severe depression burdened him for more than 20 years, Edward rose to the occasion and managed to achieve his dreams in the end. He left a promising career in medicine to pursue entrepreneurship and performance art, training under the likes of celebrities like Lewis Howes, Usher, and Christina Aguilera. He has been a guest speaker for podcasts such as the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network, eHealth Network, Coach Kiome, and more. Edward has created a range of successful businesses that offer services like massage therapy, personal training, and lifestyle coaching. He also consults for LinkedIn’s Advisory Cloud Network and works in association with Buzzfeed and Google.


The ChangEdwardS Magazine is a ongoing project idea we'd like to bring to life. Creators live very separate and independent lives, but there is something that brings them all together—the desire to create. Edward hopes to bring all these creatives voices together in a magazine format to inspire new generations of artists to go out and achieve their dreams.

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