What is the CES Promise?

Starting at $1500 budget we will donate 20% of your project budget to your project. To receive the bonus you must agree to stand with us at ChangEdwardS (CES) in our fight for quality though a openness to have a conversation paving the future of innovation.

In order to maintain our standards, you must agree to follow all equal opportunity employment laws and regulations not just in regards to employees but freelance workers, interns, and other matters of business. Typecasting, gender casting, and other such casting processes will not be tolerated. All hiring and casting processes must be free from preferential treatment or partial judgment. All company cultures must result in satisfaction from those employed to any capacity.

Failure to comply will result in a $1000 fine that will go towards supporting CES, fellow CES Promise Members, and donations towards CESĀ approved organizations. This is in order to support the community and insure we can continue to run operations for low-income and minority communities.