Training ManualS

Home Depot associates are placed into positions with minimal training. Most associates will have no background supporting their role. We developed and implemented a curriculum and standardized cashiering practices.

We also provided garden associates with a new training manual.  Our manual provided the skills and tools to identify and diagnose many problems within the garden department.
The particular store we assisted had difficulty maintaining the front-end management. This includes, but not limited to, support from leadership, maintenance of effective signage, workforce planning, standardized training practices, human resources, and more.

Lack of Communication

Front End management is directed by Head Cahiers. Head Cahiers sometimes were not present at their posted position. They would leave without indication and without a method of contact. This left cahiers in the front end struggling to maintain change in the tills and struggle to maintain team breaks and lunches.


We personally would supervise and direct front end. Temporary solutions for change would include exchanging bills and coin from two registers. We also had cahiers call the store manger on duty to get authorization for certain transactions.

Rudeness and Lack of Support

Associates would often report that their Head Cahier was not supporting their needs. This included contacting various departments for help, reporting and documentation of theft or suspicious activity, help to maintain a clean font end appearance, and helping customers with loading. Sometimes, the stress of font end management would be stressful for Head Cahiers resulting in rude verbal and nonverbal interactions with various associates.


We personally would provide the support for the team through workforce management. Associates were invited to report to management for any human resource related issue or let us know. On occasion, we would need to report incidents of sexual harassment or verbal harassment.


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