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Valid Till --/1/2021

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What is your starting price?
We are not cheap. Our starting price range is $10k and above. If you don't feel you are ready to commit to the time, effort, and resources needed for success, we can always refer you to a different provider who can do it for less- but we can't guarantee their results! Or you may participate in our CES Promise for low budget starting options.

However, in our experience, if you want to increase your followers, subscribers, brand deals, paid gigs, and influence you will need to spend $10k in order to develop a good growth strategy. If you settle for low budget projects, you will never take risks and miss out on opportunities to grow.

We have seen various talent and influencers fail to meet their expectations and goals all because of a lack of strategy and desire to invest in their future. Are you going to be one of them?
What does your competition charge?
What do you charge?
Custom Blend Package $10-15k
Success Package $15-30k
Champions Package $35-100k+
What experience do you have?
We have quite a lot of experience on our team. Some of our staff come from top schools and universities for the arts. Some have rubbed shoulder to shoulder alongside celebrity clients. Our clientele includes major influencers and Edward, our CEO, has been consulting for business in association with LinkedIn, Google, Buzzfeed, and more.
Do you offer discounts?
We do offer pricing plans, especially for those that are just starting out or are low income. Remember, we are a full service. We help low budget individuals learn to save and invest to afford services like ours. We guarantee that your investment will be worth it. If we couldn't help you save enough to invest $10k as a starting point, we would be out of business fast.

We also offer lower price option for young businesses and artists on one condition. You agree to be part of the CES Promise for low budget options.
Do you offer guarantees?
Yes, if you are not satisfied with our services during the first month you can get your initial down payment back and consider all services rendered free of charge.
Not ready yet?
No problem. We offer free PDF guides every other month and if you sign up with our Patreon you can get direct access to Edward for questions, feedback, and more.

We also offer a free unpaid internship program for three months that we tailor specifically for your needs. It is like receiving mentorship for three months directly with the CEO.
Why choose us and what do we do?
We offer a full range of services from branding, content creation, consulting, crafting promotions, talent management, business management and more. We are here to develop strong foundations upon which influencers can grow their brand, audience, followers, subscribers, and business. We are not the type of agency that tells you to take class after class without making any progress. We prescribe talent and influencers alike with a concrete plan and direction to meets a specific goal. We will collaborate with you to figure out how best to achieve your goals. You bring the creative; we will bring the outside perspective and business insight.
Strategy $20-50k
Messaging/Copywriting $10-15k
Logo Design $15-35K
Identity System $15-30K
PowerPoint/Keynote $10K
Website Design/Development $35-150K
Video Production $40-250K
Hourly $350/hour blended rate